Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy from America’s Furniture Warehouse?

In today’s growing economy there are several choices you can make regarding where to make your next home furnishing purchase.  The difference between us and many other retailers is that we are still a family owned and operated business who still puts our customers first.  Our business strives on customer service and our entire goal is to keep you happy so you continue to buy from us time after time.  Not to mention we also keep the furniture shopping experience easy! Customers can either shop online on our user friendly ecommerce website, or visit our showroom to let our customer friendly sales staff assist you find what you need for your home.  Unlike many others stores, our goal is help you find the best valued furniture throughout the United States,  and save you money while you are doing so. Although we carry several name brands, we also buy great deals on factory overruns, closeouts, and High Point market samples.  Our goal is to save you money and keep you happy.  So if you need anything home, give us a try to show you what makes us different!

Do I have to pay sales tax on my order?

There is no sales tax charged except for the state of South Carolina which is 7% if you purchase online. If you purchase through our online website and then the ship to address is South Carolina YOU MUST pay sales tax. If you purchase any merchandise through any of our brick and mortar retail showrooms, you must pay North or South Carolina sales tax which may vary by location.  Although you do not have to pay sales tax in most states, you may be liable for recording your purchases and paying sales tax directly to your local state. 

Where does America’s Furniture Warehouse ship to?

America’s Furniture Warehouse ships to all 48 continental states of the United States. We do not deliver to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada, or any other residency outside the continental United States.  The only variation is whether you buy in North and South Carolina we ship on our own trucks, if you buy out of these two states, you will be delivered through a third party delivery service.  Also, any purchase made in one of our retail store locations, is delivered on our own trucks.  Call our customer service team for details @ (843) 294-9994.

What type of shipping options does America’s Furniture Warehouse have available?

In order to ship your merchandise in a fast, safe and reliable manor, we have set up strong partnerships with some of the best delivery companies across the nation. Furthermore to provide an excellent customer delivery experience, each product has been assessed to ship by a particular method. Once you purchase your furniture over the internet, or in one of our physical retail stores, you will receive your receipt via or email or in store, of purchase and a tracking number for your delivery. Also, shortly after purchase, customers will receive a phone call from one of our customer representatives to give you an estimated delivery time and to assure you that the information sent to us is accurate, such as your delivery address, name, product, etc. Although you can call or contact us at anytime, this a great time to talk to one of our representatives and ask any questions you may have about your delivery or product. We want you to feel completely safe and secure about your purchase. If for any reason anything seems strange about the delivery process, please contact us right away.

The three methods of shipping we have available are:

1)    Small Package

2)    Self Service Delivery

3)    White Glove Delivery

a)    Local

b)    Out of State

Small Package- Items purchased through America’s Furniture Warehouse online store ships smaller, non-heavy, and/or delicate items through UPS or FEDEX. Small package items may be classified as nightstands, accents, rugs, lamps or similar items. The speed of your delivery depends on the availability of your product and how close you are to one of our distribution warehouses. Your item will arrive at your home of residence 5-10 business days after it leaves our warehouse. You will be provided with a tracking number from UPS and FEDEX to keep up with the delivery of your product(s).

*On small packages you are not obligated to have an adult signature for delivered items. Therefore, we caution you that leaving a package at your door step is at the discretion of the delivery person. If you will not be home to receive the package or someone will not always be at your residence, the best thing to do is leave a note for the delivery company with your name, phone number, and stating that no signature will be needed. If you have any questions regarding small package deliveries please contact us via phone or email.

Self Service Delivery- This delivery method is for the larger and heavier furniture items purchased through our online furniture website which are unable to be shipped via UPS or FEDEX, and shipped through various freight carriers. We call this delivery “self service” because it is the customer’s responsibility to get the furniture off the freight carrier’s truck and into their home of residence. Furthermore, most of these items are large and heavy so they may require help lifting from family or friends.

If the furniture is considerably heavy or you do not want to lift the furniture off the truck and put on the ground, the delivery personnel can provide you with their lift gate service for only $40. For $40 this service includes the delivery personnel using a machine called the “lift-gate” to put all your purchases items from the truck to the ground. The delivery agents will not be responsible for the merchandise from this point forward.

Out of State White Glove Delivery- This delivery service is the supreme delivery service. Your furniture product(s) will be delivered into your home of residence assembled. We highly recommend this “in home” experience for many large and delicate items, or any combination of items purchased. This service is very similar to our self service delivery except it is “turnkey”, meaning the customer is not physically required to handle the merchandise. More specifically our professional delivery team will safely and carefully assemble all purchased furniture, carry your furniture from the delivery truck to your room of choice, place the furniture in the specific area you have selected for the furniture, and set up all pieces needed. The white glove delivery service will cost a fraction more than our self service delivery program but makes the delivery and customer experience more enjoyable and a whole lot easier. ALL orders processed through our online website will be done through out of state delivery personnel. 

Local White Glove Delivery- This delivery service is another supreme delivery service.  This delivery service is exactly like our out of state delivery service, except instead of using a third party delivery service; we will be delivering the furniture with our own company delivery teams and trucks. Whether you receive local or out of state white glove delivery, will be determined by your delivery address.  If your delivery address is within 100 miles of our warehouse or retail store locations (mainly located in North and South Carolina), you will be eligible for local delivery.  This option is at the discretion of our customer service team at your time of purchase.  If you have any questions regarding local and out of state white deliveries, please consult with our customer service team before purchasing. Your furniture product(s) will be delivered into your home of residence assembled. We highly recommend this “in home” experience for many large and delicate items, or any combination of items purchased. This service is very similar to our self service delivery except it is “turnkey”, meaning the customer is not physically required to handle the merchandise. More specifically our professional delivery team will safely and carefully assemble all purchased furniture, carry your furniture from the delivery truck to your room of choice, place the furniture in the specific area you have selected for the furniture, and set up all pieces needed.

What is my average delivery time?

Your average delivery time will vary according to your proximity to one of our distribution warehouses or retail stores, the availability of your purchased items, and the physical size of your order. Most small package items ordered online will ship relatively fast, and should arrive at your delivery address within 1-2 weeks. Larger items which cannot be shipped via FedEx or UPS, and require a freight carrier, or one of our white glove delivery service usually take between 3-5 weeks. If you order from one of our retail stores and the merchandise is in stock, we can deliver as earlier the day after purchase.  Special orders usually take longer. Our customer service team will inform you with step in your order to keep updated with your delivery time.

How can I keep up with the status of my merchandise from order to delivery?

At America’s Furniture Warehouse we continuously strive to keep each customer happy to build a valued relationship with our customers. Therefore, we send you automated email or verbal confirmations when you order your furniture, when your furniture arrives at our warehouse and ready for delivery and when the furniture is expected to arrive at your delivery location. This procedure allows each customer to track their order from purchase to delivery. Also, if you need any further information, feel free to contact our helpful customer service team via phone or email.

What if my product is delivered damaged?

To prevent the occurrence of delivering damaged merchandise our company goes through rigorous quality and inspection procedures. First the merchandise is thoroughly inspected before it leaves our distribution warehouses to make certain that all purchased items are in excellent condition when we receive them. Second, our delivery teams and partners are some of the best delivery experts to assure each customer a consistently great delivery service, regardless of which service package is chosen. These experts carefully package and ship the merchandise to reduce any further chance of damages. However, we are in the retail furniture business, and like any other business, damages do occur. For these rare occasions, our customer service team is well prepared to handle and resolve such issues. If for any reason, your merchandise is damaged, please notify our customer service team immediately. All damages must be reported and notated on each delivery forms at the time of delivery. In most situations, pictures of the damaged products must be taken to determine whether the damaged was caused by delivery or a manufacture defect. Furthermore, before the merchandise is unloaded, please take time to ensure that all the paperwork is accurate and that the item(s) ordered is correct. These procedures will protect you because we are not responsible for any damages not reported at the time of delivery. In the instance that your merchandise does arrive damaged, the customer agrees to allow America’s Furniture Warehouse and/or the manufacture a chance to resolve the issue. The resolutions may include, but not limited to repair the damaged item by a fully licensed furniture technician, send part replacements, both repair and send part replacements, or full product replacement, at no extra cost for the customer. If for any reason the customer refuses the merchandise and does not allow America’s Furniture Warehouse and/or the furniture manufacture the chance to resolve the issue the customer agrees to pay the purchase price minus a 15% restocking fee and round trip shipping cost if the merchandise is returned.

What is your return policy?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with you purchase you may return any item within (5) calendar days of being delivered to your home of residence or business.  Returned merchandise must be new and in unused condition. Special orders where custom fabrics or frames are ordered cannot be returned for any reason and are non-refundable. Likewise, any type of mattress or bedding product will not be allowed to be returned and is non-refundable. For all acceptable merchandise to be returned for a refund or exchange, please email us to receive a MSN (Merchandise Return Number), once the return is approved. After we authorize a return and provide you with an MSN, we will provide you with the correct return address. If any returned merchandise is not approved, and you do not receive a MSN, the merchandise cannot be accepted by our warehouse. Otherwise, if the merchandise is approved and received by America’s Furniture Warehouse you will be refunded the agreed upon amount. All returns will be subject to a 15% restocking fee and full round trip shipping cost incurred by America’s Furniture Warehouse. Furthermore, if the customer does not measure the space where the furniture will be placed, the customer will still be responsible for round trip shipping cost and a 15% restocking fee. Returns are only accepted unassembled, in their original box or plastic. If the merchandise was assembled it is no longer returnable unless approved by management of America’s Furniture Warehouse.

If the customer is not satisfied with the order or merchandise is damaged, they are required to follow these simple instructions to return merchandise back to America’s Furniture Warehouse, or the manufacturer:

  1. If the merchandise is damaged customers must inspect the furniture upon delivery, notify damages on any delivery forms signed, and take pictures of damages.
  2. Customer must email America’s Furniture Warehouse a request for an MSN (Merchandise Return Number) within (5) calendar days of receiving merchandise.
  3. MSN (merchandise return number) will not be issued until America’s Furniture Warehouse receives written acceptance via email that they agree to pay calculated round trip shipping costs and 15% restocking fee.
  4. Return all items in unused condition and unassembled in original packaging.


Can I cancel my product?

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. If you order merchandise, you have the choice to cancel within 24 hours of the original purchase date without incurring any delivery costs or restocking fees and receive a full refund of the merchandise amount. In order to cancel, customer must call our service team @ (843)294-9994 so we can give you a cancellation number for reference.


Can I receive information on new products and discounts?

All you have to do is set up an account at free of charge, or visit one of our retail showrooms where we always have deals and special pricing. Unlike many membership clubs we want you to get the best price on furniture, without having to pay more. As a company we buy very strategically and efficiently so we do not have sales often, but when we do they are deals!! We can send you great information via email on special buys, closeouts, and clearance items which are well below retail value.